When you select a professional speaker or trainer, there are several things you must be aware of to have a great return on your investment (ROI).

“WHAT problem are we trying to solve, and WHO can help us to achieve this?” These must be some of your initial questions. Clarity of outcomes and having a checklist of your expectations and the desired results are critical and must be communicated well in the early stages. Getting to know your speaker in advance and helping them to understand your needs and goals will get you the success you want for your event.

Our speakers and trainers are knowledgeable, skillful, experienced, inspiring, courageous and caring. They all deliver their content with a common purpose to add massive value to your audience and make your event meaningful. They will deliver your message with great impact.

Your selected speaker must have a solid team and enough time to prepare fully with powerful content that can transform your audience. After long research, studying the market, and understanding the major problems in society, we have selected some of the most authentic speakers that can help you achieve your desired results.

If you want to create positive change and transform any audience by solving a specific problem, select one of our professional speakers. Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you and promise you outstanding results.

Hire Dr. Fatima to speak about

  • Self-Development
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Administration

Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi

Hire Salwa to speak about

  • The role of the youth in the United Arab Emirates
  • Living a more coherent life, a life of equilibrium
  • Five ways to rewire your brain to live a more fulfilling life

Salwa Al Obeidli

Hire Dr. Maya to speak about

  • Happiness and positivity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance management

Dr. Maya Alhawary

Hire Nouf to speak about

  • 5 major Skills all Leaders need
  • Vision for the brand “Made in UAE”
  • Leadership in challenging times

Nouf Omar

Coming Soon

Saeed Al Rais

Hire Nouf to speak about

  • Happiness and positivity 
  • Spousal relationships
  • Women empowerment

Dr. Rusul al Nuaimi

Hire Glenys to speak about

  • Be a leader and build a team
  • Teaching and coaching for educators
  • Improving work environment

Glenys Henry

Hire Fairouza to speak about

  • How to overcome challenges at work environment
  • How to prioritize and organize any project
  • Planning your future success

Fairouza Almarzouqi

Hire Taylor to speak about

  • Mastering the Strength in Your Femininity
  • Client Engagement: Get it Right, Every Time!
  • Strategies to Speak and Lead in Positivity

Taylor Elizabeth

Hire Lamya to speak about

  • How to lead and manage as a leader
  • Plan and dream big
  • Celebrating your uniqueness

Lamya Alaydaroos

Hire Fatima to speak about

  • How to overcome challenging situations positively?
  • Future of customer value proposition
  • Effective Communication

Fatima Al Shebli

Coming Soon

Nadia Althaibani

Coming Soon

Jairek Robbins

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