June 13, 2022

Act Like a Leader To Be A Leader

by Coach Kardan

While leadership is often thought of as a quality that only some people have, it is something that anyone can practice. Leadership is about improving your listening skills, decision-making, and understanding human needs. It is also about being a leader in your daily life, you don’t need to be in a position of power to practice leadership. Listen to others, make decisions with consideration and care, and inspire those around you.

Above all to get you started in your leadership journey you need to define your outcomes. WHY do you want to become a leader? Do you want to improve your managerial skills and abilities? Do you want to improve the corporate culture? Are you aiming to gain the skill to help you communicate better? Whatever the reason is, leadership can guide you to personal and professional success. So, here are 5 strategies to get you started:

1- Be a Role Model
Inspire others to be the best they can be by being an example of what it means to have courage, compassion, and commitment. Of course, being a role model doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. In fact, leaders who are open about their mistakes can often be even more effective role models. By showing that you’re human, you remind others that it’s okay to make mistakes and that it’s possible to learn from them. So, whatever your leadership style may be, remember that you have the power to set an example for others. Use that power wisely, and you’ll help create a positive and productive team.

2- Practice effective cross-cultural communication
In our increasingly globalized world, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate effectively with people from other cultures. Good communication is the foundation of strong relationships, whether they be personal or professional. And while communicating with someone from a different culture can be challenging, by learning to practice effective cross-cultural communication, we can build better deeper, more meaningful relationships with others. A leader makes intercultural communication an enriching experience for everyone involved.

3- Leaders offer rewards and recognition
Having a system of rewarding outstanding behavior creates a culture of appreciation. They also build employee engagement by implementing programs that show how much their team members matter to them, like creating an annual award program or hosting monthly meetings where the highlight achievements from each month are rewarded with prizes. A leader’s ability to recognize others’ accomplishments makes it easier for employees to feel appreciated when they’re given opportunities to achieve and be rewarded for their work.

4- Keep developing your leadership style and Trying New Things
A leader is not born but made. And even the best leaders can always stand to improve their leadership style. The key is to keep learning and growing, both as an individual and as a leader. There are many ways to do this, but some essential methods include studying leadership theory, attending workshops and seminars, and reading books on leadership.
Of course, the most important way to develop your leadership style is simply by leading.The more practice you get, the better you’ll become at inspiring others, making tough decisions, and solving problems. So whatever stage you’re at in your journey as a leader, remember to keep developing your leadership style. It’s an essential part of becoming the best leader you can be.

5- They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action in their organizations
In the past, this has typically meant encouraging employees to come up with new ideas and then taking action on those ideas. However, in today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders must do more than simply generate new ideas. They must also be able to quickly adapt and take action in their strategies in response to the upcoming changes daily. This requires a different kind of thinking altogether. It necessitates a focus on the future and an ability to anticipate change. This is why a leader is always open to new ideas, and those who cannot be left behind.

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About the Author

COACH KARDAN is an expert in public speaking training and leadership development for leaders and government employees. He is the author of two best-selling books in 2008 and 2012 in Japan as well as the chairman of two international training companies in Dubai and Tokyo. He is an executive coach to fortune 500 CEOs and their management teams and has trained thousands of senior leaders to improve their performance and increase their company's revenue to more than 2000% within 3-5 years.

Coach Kardan

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