February 2, 2024

7 Leadership Skills that you must gain

by Coach Kardan


This is the number one most important skill any leader needs regardless of age or background. For major growing countries like Saudi Arabia or the UAE, you have unlimited opportunities in front of you especially if you are a citizen and you care about your country. All you need to do is to master this skill which will open many doors for you to succeed. 


If you have the desire to succeed financially and want to practice your leadership skills, building a business can help you massively. It is of course a wise decision to get some education before you get into any business venture. Business is a spiritual game where you can take the invisible and make it visible. 


Connection with people and building rapport is the difference between winning and losing. When you learn to connect with people and understand their needs, they will want to be around you and support you on your journey to achievement. Never neglect to build rapport since there is magic in building rapport. 


If English is your native language, you are very lucky and already ahead of many people. For some people speaking and mastering English is one of the hardest things, but if you want to become a world-class leader you must learn not only how to speak English but how to speak it with empowerment and an understandable accent that is easy for your listeners. Don’t put this off anymore. Start from today and repeat your lessons until you master them. 


This one is going to make you a lot of money and help you to create a positive impact and touch many lives. Speaking in public means that you are confident enough to speak the unspoken and inspire people with your words and help them step up and take action for a great cause. 


Most people have a negative feeling about selling or sales. To me, selling means serving. Think about it, if you want to share your ideas or creative mind with the world, you need to learn how to sell it. Every day, someone is selling something to someone else. Do you want to be the buyer, or do you want to be the seller and earn more so you can buy more?


The power to influence and the power to persuade is a major ingredient for successful leadership. When you understand people’s desires, needs, wants, and pain, you can help them better and resolve many situations. 

SAUDI YOUTH LEADERSHIP is a comprehensive virtual training program that will help leaders build the confidence they need to empower people for positive change. We have some of the best mentors and teachers in this program to guide you step-by-step to develop yourself as a world-class leader. If you have the will to step up and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, this program will transform you. You can apply for sponsorship after you read the eligibilities and save yourself SAR 37,000 plus VAT. Good luck!


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About the Author

COACH KARDAN is an entrepreneur and the CEO of three training companies in Japan, the UAE, and KSA. He is a management consultant and leadership trainer for government officials, leaders, and business executives. He is the author of two best-selling books, and he has been delivering educational seminars and training programs to more than 35,000 leaders and managers in the last 20 years. In 2019, with the support of the UAE Federal Youth Authority, he served over 5,000 young Emiratis by conducting leadership workshops and training programs in several youth hubs around the country, and with the help of the youth, he initiated the “Emirates Youth Leadership Certification Program.” He is a certified trainer from the Leadership Academy in San Diego, California. COACH KARDAN has served thousands of young and senior leaders to improve their performance and increase the revenue of their organizations to more than 2,000% within 3-5 years. He has been an executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams. He has lectured at several prestigious universities and institutions worldwide and has influenced millions of people with his inspirational stories, business strategies, and life lessons.

Coach Kardan

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