December 2, 2022

Happy 51st National Day!

by Coach Kardan

On this special day, we celebrate the Union of our 7 Emirates and reflect on how far we have come as a nation. The achievements that have been made in the UAE are inspiring us for the future. The United Arab Emirates is a young country, but in a short time, we have made great progress. Since its founding in 1971, the leaders and people in the UAE have worked tirelessly to build a prosperous and vibrant nation. Today, the UAE is a leading global hub for business, trade, and tourism. The leadership is committed to ensuring that all UAE citizens enjoy a high quality of life. To achieve this, the government has invested heavily in education, healthcare, and infrastructure. It is also working to preserve UAE’s rich cultural heritage and create a world-class environment for living, work, and recreation. The UAE will continue to go from strength to strength in the years to come with citizens from over 200 nationalities calling the UAE home. We are grateful to be part of this land and feel the blessings of working and living in this great country. The trust and love between the leaders and the people is very smooth and genuine. The dream that was created 51 years ago is evolving to a bigger dream that exceeds all the limits.

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About the Author

COACH KARDAN is an expert in public speaking training and leadership development for leaders and government employees. He is the author of two best-selling books in 2008 and 2012 in Japan as well as the chairman of two international training companies in Dubai and Tokyo. He is an executive coach to fortune 500 CEOs and their management teams and has trained thousands of senior leaders to improve their performance and increase their company's revenue to more than 2000% within 3-5 years.

Coach Kardan

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