July 25, 2022

The Shift From “Me” To “We”

by Coach Kardan

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way leaders think about their careers. Instead of thinking primarily about themselves and their own advancement, they are now thinking more about the team or the organization as a whole. This shift is a positive one, as it shows that managers are increasingly aware of the importance of cooperation and collaboration. When leaders work with each other and their teams for the good of the organization, it is a win-win-win situation. The employees and customers are more likely to be satisfied, and the organization becomes more efficient and effective. This shift is due in part to the changing nature of work, as more companies are moving away from traditional hierarchies and towards flatter, more collaborative structures. Managers need to think and act both strategically and tactically in order to be successful.

Recently with the pandemic and the merge of work-from-home, the nature of how work is done changed dramatically. Leaders in current times need to be able to inspire and motivate their team members to do the same. This requires a constant commitment to improvement. By constantly improving their skills, managers can support themselves and their teams in the ever-changing business landscape. In order to be successful, leaders must be willing to adapt and change as the business world evolves. They must always be learning and growing, and they must be able to pass that knowledge on to their team members. The management is responsible for continuous improvement and creating a culture of excellence in the organization. Constant innovation, training and education are the keys that will open doors of opportunity for you in this world that is always changing. This requires a different set of skills than in the past, and it can be a challenge for some leaders to make the transition.

How do you shift the focus from “you” to the “team”? in other words, how can you change your mindset from “me” to “we”? Consider the following strategies:

  1. Communication style. Is there real communication in your team or is it only you giving directions all the time? When you talk about work are you using the word “I” often or do you include the team by saying “we”? Can the employees express their opinions and concerns openly?
  2. Empathy and respect. Never forget your humanity at work. Humans need to feel understood and respected everywhere. We all have different stories and challenges to face at work or at home. It is important to work in an environment that has empathy for its employees.
  3. Find common ground. Focusing on the differences between managers and team members will only have a negative impact on the cooperation and productivity in the organization. Find what is common between all of you and emphasize it. Remember that you are all working for mutual goals under the vision of the organization.

Those who are able to successfully make the shift will find that they are more effective leaders and that their teams are more successful as a result. This shift in thinking is a positive trend that is likely to continue in the future.

Skills that are important to have in today’s business world include leadership, communication and public speaking. These skills help you build relationships with people which can make life more engaging for you. To learn these valuable lessons in our 1-to-1 training visit us at:


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About the Author

COACH KARDAN is an expert in public speaking training and leadership development for leaders and government employees. He is the author of two best-selling books in 2008 and 2012 in Japan as well as the chairman of two international training companies in Dubai and Tokyo. He is an executive coach to fortune 500 CEOs and their management teams and has trained thousands of senior leaders to improve their performance and increase their company's revenue to more than 2000% within 3-5 years.

Coach Kardan

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