August 15, 2022


by Coach Kardan

When leading a team, it is important to set the tone of voice your team use. You should make sure that you set an inspiring and fun module professionally. As a leader, you could be motivated to just solve issues quickly or act without considering consequences, but this is unwise. The way you approach the missions as a team leader will have an impact on how people listen and respect what is being said. Consider the following 3 leadership traits as a leader:

1. You follow what you say.

Leadership is based on trust. WHY would someone follow you if you can’t be relied upon? Through your actions, you can influence your team’s confidence. Even though keeping your promise seems straightforward, it shows that you are a trustworthy person. People take notice when you make a commitment and follow through on it. By following what you say, your team will model you, which will help them be more committed to executing outstanding results. The key word here would have been “courage.” Leaders should practice having conversations within their teams, so everyone feels safe expressing opinions openly, which builds trust among employees.

 2. You are real

Leaders who are afraid of telling the truth will not lead anyone. People need honesty to grow and move forward, but some leaders lack courage in stating what is going on for fear it might hurt their reputation or leave them open to attacks from other sides. It takes an honest person to take risks by being transparent about everything. Even if they know there could be negative consequences later because this shows how much you care about your team’s well-being.

 3. You are calm

Leaders who lose their temper are not leaders at all! You don’t necessarily need to be the most charismatic person in a room, but you must maintain being calm when things get tough. Suppose your team picks up on it and it becomes a model for them. In that case, they will see that calmness is a weakness rather than an ability to demonstrate leadership skills through handling chaos. Whether dealing with angry clients or helping someone else, you need to better manage stress, maintain emotional control, and make people around us respect what you have achieved.

What’s the best way to gain respect from your team? Earn it! These three leadership habits will help you do that and so much more. Respect is one of those things people often joke about, but it’s very important. You need to be respected by your team. This will help you to gain their trust and follow what you say, leading them on the right path towards success.

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About the Author

COACH KARDAN is an expert in public speaking training and leadership development for leaders and government employees. He is the author of two best-selling books in 2008 and 2012 in Japan as well as the chairman of two international training companies in Dubai and Tokyo. He is an executive coach to fortune 500 CEOs and their management teams and has trained thousands of senior leaders to improve their performance and increase their company's revenue to more than 2000% within 3-5 years.

Coach Kardan

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